Anna Karina Birkenstock Anna Karina Birkenstock has been writing and illustrating successful children’s books for well-known German publishers since 2003.

Her degree in Media Arts the HfG Karlsruhe and her qualification in Audiovisual Media Design in Cologne have allowed her to leave the traditional path of book design and build a bridge to electronic media.

Her two daughters (aged 2 and 4) share her passion for books and exploring new media.

Caspar Armster Caspar Armster is a former partner of a design, animation and new media studio.

In addition to his publishing role at the Tilda Marleen Verlag, he works in set design and as an exhibition and interior designer.

His experience encompasses marketing and distribution as well as the implementation of a variety of media into e-books.

Heike Zipper Heike Zipper works as a translator and editor in Bonn.

She loves books and her daughter is at the right age to enjoy fairies and fables.

Sally Dorrity Sally Dorrity has worked both as a translator and a German teacher. She is a mother of four and lives in Oxford.

She has a keen interest in children’s literature, both through her own children and in her current post providing literacy support in an elementary school.

Fionnuala Dorrity Fionnuala Dorrity has a wide interest in both English and German literature.

After graduating from Oxford University, she lived and worked in Berlin and Munich before moving to London where she now works.

Grant Venable Grant Venable started his acting career at a very young age. He has played various roles on major US TV shows, and shined in the lead role of Jojo in the hit musical “Seusical”.

He is 11 years old. He resides in Los Angeles, California with his mom, dad, brother, and his dog Cooper. He enjoys reading, drawing and performing onstage. He loves to spend his summer vacations in Oregon visiting his cousins and grandparents.

Tanja Johnston Tanja Johnston has been a marketing professional for new technologies for almost two decades. Her goal is to enhance story telling through technological advances.

She lives with her family in Los Angeles, USA. As a mother of a toddler she values German children books and media to help her raise her son to be bilingual.

Abgelika Horlacher Angelika Horlacher studied graphic design at the HfG Karlsruhe.

She works as a freelancer in print and screen design. She also has two critics (aged 3 and 7) right at home.